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“I’ve grown up though. That was the old me, angry me, vengeful me. New me? People say I’m a marshmallow.”


top 5 things that will break tumblr the fastest

5. matt smith joins the sherlock cast
4. adam gets out of the cage
3. lucifer gets out of the cage and brings back the end of the world
2. johnlock kiss/destiel kiss
1. leonardo dicaprio wins an oscar


Billy Boyd (Pippin) stealing Sir Ian McKellen (Gandalf)’s tea and biscuits during filming for Return of the King.


Do you have a favorite pop culture moment of 2013? What stands out?

"My favorite thing honestly…it’s Jennifer Lawrence in the Hunger Games and Catching Fire and all that. I gotta say, strong female - she’s wonderful, she’s talented. I really love the movies, I think that to me is somehow more special than (other) pop culture things that are out there." - Sasha Alexander